Julie Whitenect



“If you haven’t lived through a thing, it’s hard to get it right” 

Niergarth, Kirk. "The dignity of every human being": New Brunswick artists and Canadian culture between the Great Depression and the Cold War. University of Toronto Press, 2015.

For the project “essential-archives” I have been thinking about archiving, research and storytelling from a holistic perspective. 

I love searching through New Brunswick archives as many of us do, and have a vague understanding of where my ancestors come from and their relationship with this province. I wanted to make connections, while imposing arbitrary barriers to my research. 

After stumbling upon the treasure trove of the King’s County Record and the Saint John Standard archives, dating from the late 19th Century and early 20th Century I decided to take myself on journey to visit sites in Sussex, Penobsquis and Saint John. Places mentioned in the articles pertaining to a WHITENECT.

Almost every building or site is gone. The end result is a series of lino prints depicting places that reminded me of what I had read.



On Saturday morning a bear cross the Norton-Midland road in front of a car near Mrs.Whitenects’s. Wild game is plentiful here.


As a result of slipping  from a staging at the shipyards, one of the men employed in the construction of a vessel, E. Whitenect last evening suffered a broke arm and severe injuries to the shoulder.



The painting , glazing and tinting were satisfactory performed by Whitenect & Sons.



Miss Agnes Whitenect, who was a member of the party, also shot a moose.


G. Whitenect is working, helping dig potatoes.


H. B. Whitenect appeared in the Police Court yesterday morning charged with violating the building law by building a bay window.